Choosing the Best Solar Panel For Your Home

As technology develops, the use of energy increases with it. Using these great amounts of energy isn’t very friendly to our planet, so more and more homeowners have been turning to solar power. Installing solar panels on your roof has many benefits, including increasing your home’s value, saving you thousands of dollars, helping the environment, […]

What to be Careful of When Buying Solar Power Systems

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular every day. More people are recognizing the many advantages of using this type of power, including increasing your home’s value, saving you money, and reducing your carbon footprint by being friendly to the environment. The more home and businesses owners decide to use solar power, the happier the earth […]

Solar Communities: Working Together for a Greener Planet

As our society gains increased environmental awareness, we strive for a greener world by seeking out affordable and clean alternative energy sources. Solar power is one of the most rapidly-growing energy sources, and is now used to power homes, businesses, farms, and vineyards alike all over the nation. Another increasingly popular way to harness solar […]

How to Sell a Solar Home

You made the switch to solar and have enjoyed lower energy bills, increased home value, and a reduced carbon footprint. However, the time has arrived to sell your home—whether your family has outgrown it, finances require you to look for something else, or you simply want a change. How do you proceed to sell a […]

How Much of My Home Can Run Under Solar Energy?

Solar panel installation in Northern VA, DC, and Maryland provides an environmentally-friendly renewable energy source, significant financial incentives, and tax credits. Even with all of these benefits, switching over to solar energy for your home takes careful planning and review of various factors to determine if solar is right for you. One common consideration for […]

Trump’s Solar Tariff – What You Need to Know

On Monday, January 22, President Trump announced a 30% tariff on imported solar panel parts and washing machines. This tariff is yet another item in the list of Trump’s actions regarding renewable energy, having pulled out of the Paris climate agreement last year. This has left many U.S. based solar providers and homeowners who use […]

Solar for Businesses: What Do I Need to Know About Depreciating Solar Energy?

If you own a business in Northern Virginia, DC, or Maryland, solar energy is an incredibly lucrative investment. In addition to giving you a federal and possible state tax credit, solar energy allows you to depreciate the solar panels as an asset on an accelerated schedule. What exactly does this mean for your business? The […]

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar power is an alternative, renewable energy source that helps make the planet greener and can also give solar users impressive financial incentives and tax credits. Many homeowners consider solar energy because of these benefits, but are unsure of how solar energy works. Understanding the basics of how solar energy can power your home is […]

What are the State Incentives for Solar Energy?

Solar energy not only helps make our planet a greener place, but can help homeowners save a lot of money on taxes and earn other financial incentives, making solar panel installation a very lucrative investment. In many cases, the incentives you are eligible for depends on if you own or lease your solar panels and/or […]

Financing Options for Your Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly lucrative and beneficial investment for small and large businesses alike. Not only does solar help cut energy costs and come with a variety of incentives, but it also helps foster an eco-friendly company image. All around, solar energy can give your Northern Virginia, DC, or Maryland business a powerful […]