What Solar Energy Can Do For Your Business / How New Loan Programs Can Help

Solar power is a great way to help reduce both your carbon footprint and save money at the same time. As the use of solar power expands, the solar panels become more efficient and help you save more in the long run. Businesses should consider investing in solar panels for a couple of reasons. First, the use of solar panels helps cut down operating expenses significantly with energy provided courtesy of the sun. Secondly, adding alternative sources of energy to your business allows you to brand your business as environmentally-friendly, which may help you expand your audience reach. Lastly, all levels of government are incentivising both commercial and residential customers to become more green.

At Prospect Solar we don’t want to just sell you on solar, we want to build a relationship with you as you become more energy efficient. With over 20 years of roofing experience and nine years of solar energy installation services, we know the potential challenges associated with transitioning to solar and can customize your installation to your needs. With the government making it easier for businesses to make the jump, here are some of the benefits to going solar.

1. Loan Programs

Many levels of government are starting to approve new loan programs in order to increase solar usage among businesses. Locally, the Fairfax Board of Supervisors has just approved the C-PACE loan program. C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy program) allows businesses in the Fairfax area to easily take out private loans to add solar panels to their business. As this makes solar power more attainable to business owners, it will encourage more people to use solar energy, therefore allowing for a more sustainable environment.

2. Tax Benefits

In order to reduce our nation’s carbon footprint, the federal and state governments are utilizing tax breaks to incentivise the use of alternative energy. This is a huge break for businesses looking to become more environmentally-friendly. During the year of your installation, the solar tax credit allows your business to deduct 30% of the cost of the solar panel installation from your taxes.

3. Price Drops

As solar energy becomes more common in today’s society, prices of solar power will gradually drop. Since 2014, the cost per watt has dropped 23%. This shows a consistent downwards trend, which shows no signs of slowing down. With solar becoming more affordable, businesses have an opportunity to help the environment while saving money.

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Solar energy has the potential to become the world’s cleanest energy source with its current progress. At Prospect Solar, we are dedicated to conserving our world’s natural resources with expert solar energy installation services in Northern Virginia. With commercial and residential services, Prospect Solar is the right choice for any installation.

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