Solar Energy for Commercial

Proudly Serving Virginia, Maryland, and DC

Whether you’re a commercial empire in DC or a rural vineyard in Virginia, adding solar to your operation will:

  • Depreciate the solar as an asset on an accelerated schedule
  • Receive a 30% tax credit for your solar energy system
  • Increase the property value of your facility
  • Help lower your overhead operating costs
  • Promote a healthy, sustainable public image
  • Contribute to the environment and your community
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Featured Project

496kW Elementary School Installation in VA

  • Solar array built in 2015
  • Composed of :
    • (1,304) SunivaOPT 280, 280 Watt Panels
    • (406) SunPower E21-327, 327 Watt Panels
    • (4) Enphase 250 Inverters
    • (5) SMA America TRI24TL Inverters
    • (18) SMA America TRI20TL Inverters
  • Net-Zero Elementary School
  • Complete with Solar Lab so that students can learn about the equipment and how solar energy works
  • Largest array in Arlington County at time of installation

Green Construction

Today solar energy is helping ease our energy infrastructure off fossil fuels that emit harmful air pollutants. To see a detailed example of how a commercial-sized solar energy system can reduce that impact, click here.

Solar has become an integral part of green construction. Prospect Solar has the unique ability to offer a hybrid green roof blended with a solar electric system (also known as a green roof integrated photovoltaics or GRIPV.)

A green roof integrated with solar is a unique combination that allows building owners to further increase their efficiency by:

  • Managing storm water more sustainably
  • Lowering HVAC electrical costs using vegetative roofing
  • Producing electricity on site for the facility
  • Achieving LEED certifications

All while creating a pleasing and relaxing aesthetic that maximizes a facility’s capabilities!

Use of solar power plants on the roof buildings
Grey solar panel

We also offer systems composed of entirely American-made components. Each system provides businesses a unique opportunity to connect with their customers and community, as well as network capabilities with other green enthusiasts in your area.

To help connect to the community, Prospect Solar offers press releases, media packages, and open-house walk-throughs to showcase our clients’ investments. However, we also understand if your business would prefer to fly under the radar and simply enjoy your energy cost savings!

We are also especially motivated to increase the amount of solar farms and solar vineyards in Virginia. If you own a farm or vineyard that would like to go solar, please contact us.