Solar Communities: Working Together for a Greener Planet

As our society gains increased environmental awareness, we strive for a greener world by seeking out affordable and clean alternative energy sources. Solar power is one of the most rapidly-growing energy sources, and is now used to power homes, businesses, farms, and vineyards alike all over the nation. Another increasingly popular way to harness solar energy is through the establishment of solar communities, also known as solar gardens.

What is a Solar Community, and How Does It Work?

Solar communities are communities in which shared, crowdfunded solar arrays power the homes of the community members. Each community member pays what they can each month for this access to solar energy. The energy savings produced by the community’s solar panels is returned as revenue to each community member proportionate to their investment.

Why Should I Join a Solar Community?

Solar communities can be a very worthy investment for people who want to cut back on their energy costs and help make the world a cleaner place. Solar communities are perfect for people who want the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy but who may be unable to pay for their own private system. Because everyone in the community pays their share for the solar panels, your monthly cost can be greatly reduced, making it a very affordable investment opportunity.

In many cases, property owners don’t allow the installation of solar panels as part of their lease agreement with their tenants, so engaging in a solar community allows you to have access to solar while renting your home, since the solar panels will not be installed on your property. A solar community is also ideal if your own property is too small to accommodate solar panels or has too much shade for solar panels to work well.

Finally, being part of a solar community keeps you close to other like-minded people who are working together with you to foster affordable access to clean energy. You are likely to find camaraderie with the other participants in your community, establishing strong friendships for years to come.

How Solar Communities are Saving the Planet

Because solar communities make solar energy accessible and affordable to almost everyone, the use of solar energy can continue to spread and bring it benefits across the globe. Enough of the Sun’s energy reaches Earth to satisfy our global energy needs for an entire year in just one hour, making solar both reliable and powerful. Each solar panel can produce between 75 to 350 watts of energy, and when multiple panels come together in an array, it produces even more energy, dependent on the number of solar panels and each panel’s energy output.

Solar communities share this incredible output among its community members, allowing more and more people to reduce their environmental footprint at once.

Prospect Solar: Supporting Solar Communities Across the Nation

At Prospect Solar, we are dedicated to educating people about the amazing benefits of solar energy and the importance of making our planet a greener place. We have installed solar panels in homes, businesses, farms, and communities in the Northern Virginia region and surrounding areas since 2010. We can help you determine if a solar community is right for you, and teach you about the next steps for joining.

Are you considering joining a solar community? Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (703) 444-2447!

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