How Solar Energy Storage Works in Your Home

Solar energy is a rapidly growing renewable energy source that has proven beneficial to homeowners and businesses everywhere. The Solar Energy Industries Association expresses that since many people are going solar, solar energy is becoming less costly and more widely available. If you already have solar panels installed, adding a solar battery storage system may greatly benefit your home, finances, and the environment.   

Prospect Solar’s team provides services from solar panel installation to installing a custom solar battery backup system to residents in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Our solar energy team is here to help you better understand solar energy and its benefits. Below we have provided general solar energy storage information to help you decide whether having a backup storage system is the right choice for you.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Solar panels store energy and you will be able to store even more energy with a solar battery storage system. When your main solar energy storage becomes fully charged, the excess solar energy is saved in a battery storage system. Backup batteries help provide a safety net for you and your home. Prospect Solar professionals have years of experience and can install a quality solar battery backup storage to keep your home powered for much longer.

How Is Excess Solar Energy Stored?

Solar batteries use direct current energy (DC) similar to solar panels. Solar energy storage systems store the remaining energy as alternating current (AC) power for you to use as a backup energy resource. The excess energy a solar battery stores away will provide energy for your home instead of having it sent back to the electric grid, which will inevitably save you more money.

Solar Batteries For Your Home

If your solar panels are connected to the power grid, there’s a good chance you might lose power during a power outage. Installing a solar battery for your home means your backup power will not burn any fossil fuels or create greenhouse gas emissions. However, if you do have a solar battery installed to save excess solar energy, you will be able to use the extra power when you need it. If you are unsure a solar battery is right for you, Prospect Solar specialists will be happy to help you figure out the best solar energy option suited to your needs.  

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Saving electrical energy with solar panels has never been better! Switching to solar power will not only save you money on your energy bills but will help us all maintain a more sustainable environment. Prospect Solar will provide quality solar panel installation services to residents in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Our team of trained solar power specialists strives to design the best solar energy system for your home at a more affordable price for clean energy. Whether you are unsure you want to install solar panels or would like to learn more about solar energy, we can help provide services that best suit you and your home’s needs.

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