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Solar power contributes both environmental and economic value to the world.  At Prospect Solar we are committed to safely delivering the Sun’s energy to power homes, business, and communities.  Our focus is to sustainably improve our client’s financial and environmental impact with every solar array we install.  That is Prospect Solar’s bottom line.


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Solar Equipment

design and installation of solar photovoltaic energy systems.

Solar Economics

breaking down utility cost vs. solar energy cost

Solar Environment

environmental benefits of solar energy

The Professional’s Choice for engineering, installing and maintaining solar energy systems.

Proudly helping a variety of clients in Virginia, DC, and Maryland Go Solar since 2010 by:

– Promoting Renewable Energy
– Improving Our Clients’ Financial Sustainability
– Helping Preserve the Environment


We custom-design photovoltaic energy systems for the following:

– Personal Homes
– New Construction and Developments
– Commercial Business and Government
– Farms & Agricultural Applications
– Integrated Green Roofs

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