What to Expect With Solar Energy in 2020

Solar Panel Installation Falls Church VA

Did you know that solar power dates back to the 19the century? Even though it was discovered centuries ago, it didn’t become an easily accessible energy source until the 1970s. Since then, solar energy continues to increase in popularity while becoming more and more accessible to homeowners around the world. Throughout the years there has […]

Is Community Solar Power Right For You?

Community Solar Washington DC

As it’s becoming more and more crucial to use renewable resources, we must take part in lessening our impact on the environment. One of the easiest ways to begin using renewable energy is to participate in a community solar power program. Community solar power has a great amount of benefits, from saving energy to environment […]

Community Solar in Ashburn, Virginia

Community Solar Washington DC

Many cities in Northern Virginia, like Ashburn, are close to the Washington, D.C metro area, and it’s normal for families to commute to D.C. and surrounding areas every single day. While living in Loudoun County, VA grows in popularity, Ashburn continues being one of the biggest data centers in the world. With over 70% of […]