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About Community Solar

Many cities in Northern Virginia, like Ashburn, are close to the Washington, D.C metro area, and it’s normal for families to commute to D.C. and surrounding areas every single day. While living in Loudoun County, VA grows in popularity, Ashburn continues being one of the biggest data centers in the world. With over 70% of the world’s internet data traveling through Ashburn, the need to install solar panels has become even more important.

As the energy-saving and environment-sustaining benefits of a solar panel installation are clear, community solar programs or shareable renewable energy resources have made it easier for residents to use solar energy without needing to install solar panels on their own roofs. Community solar programs have become quite popular across the nation and Ashburn’s a perfect place to host a solar community. Prospect Solar can help your community thrive on solar energy but to help you understand community solar further, we have provided general information below.

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is an opportunity where solar panels installed are shared and crowdfunded by community members. Revenue is returned to each community member in proportion to the amount they invested based on the energy savings produced by the community’s solar panels. Each member can purchase as many or as few solar panels as they please. Community Solar is great for those who want access to the benefits of solar power at a lower cost, but do not have enough space to hold a set of solar panels.

Benefits of a Community Solar Installation

There are several benefits to having a solar community:

  • Investment tax credits
  • Access to solar power at a lower cost (5-15% cheaper)
  • Build camaraderie with other participants in your community
  • Solar panels produce no harmful or polluting gasses

What Can Prospect Solar Do For You?

Here at Prospect Solar, we can provide almost everything that you need for the installation and care of your solar panels. We also assist in educating others who are not aware of the benefits and uses for solar panels. A common question that we receive is, “Will my HOA allow solar panels?” We are more than happy to educate and work with your Homeowner’s Association or property owner about your community solar project. From the planning of the project to the installation and maintenance, Prospect Solar will be there for you every step of the way.

Contact Prospect Solar About Community Solar in Loudoun County, VA

Prospect Solar can assist you with any further questions that you might have about community solar services in Loudoun County, VA. To improve your business, farm, or community, we provide professional and quality solar power systems just for you. We are dedicated to keeping a sustainable environment while providing a means for residents and businesses to attain and use renewable energy. Our solar energy experts can help you determine whether or not installing solar energy is the best option for you and we can educate you on the next steps going forward.

Speak with a solar energy specialist to see if a solar panel installation is right for you. Contact us at (703) 444-2447 to install solar panels in your home, community, or business today!

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