Is Community Solar Power Right For You?

As it’s becoming more and more crucial to use renewable resources, we must take part in lessening our impact on the environment. One of the easiest ways to begin using renewable energy is to participate in a community solar power program. Community solar power has a great amount of benefits, from saving energy to environment sustainability. It is now easier to have access to these benefits without the hassle of having solar panels on your roof. 

If you’re interested in beginning the process of obtaining community solar power in your area, contact Prospect Solar in Northern Virginia. We can help your community thrive on solar energy because we strive to provide all of our clients with easy access to the environmental and economic benefits of solar energy. 

Below we have gathered information to help you understand community solar power:

What Is Community Solar Power?

Community solar power is the easiest way for people to get low-priced and clean electricity. Solar panels on your roof are optional now, and you don’t have to deal with the limitations of your own yard. Instead, solar panels may be installed and shared by your community members, as everyone can purchase as many or as few solar panels as they please. Community members benefit from the electricity generated, which costs less than the price you would ordinarily pay to utilities.

How Does It Work?

Community solar consists of a solar electric array with multiple subscribers connected to the utility grid. However, these solar energy systems are not located on the energy user’s roof or property. Instead, the solar arrays located remotely and grid-connected, they commonly feed electricity into existing transmission lines or substations. The primary purpose of community solar is to allow members of a community the opportunity to share the benefits of solar power even if they cannot or prefer not to install solar panels on their property.

Benefits of Community Solar Power

  • Investment tax credits
  • No installation hassel 
  • Cheaper utility bills, usually 5-15% cheaper 
  • Less pollution and benefit the environment 
  • Support your local economy 
  • Participate in community solar program without owning a home 

Contact Prospect Solar About Community Solar in Northern VA

Community solar panels have an abundance of benefits, consider getting assistance from the professionals at Prospect Solar. We will assist you with any further questions that you might have about community solar power in Northern VA. We are dedicated to keeping a sustainable environment while providing a means for residents and businesses to attain and use renewable energy. At Prospect Solar, we believe that solar energy represents that through hard work, ingenuity, and dedication, tomorrow can be better.Interested in Northern VA community solar power? Speak with our solar energy specialists today, contact us at (703) 444-2447.

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