Solar Energy for Your Home

Proudly Serving Virginia, DC, and Maryland.

At Prospect Solar, our goal is to design your solar energy system so that you pay less for clean energy than what you are currently paying for conventional power. We will engineer your solar array so that over the next 25 years, the cost of solar (including equipment, installation, and service), combined with your reduced energy bills, is less than 25 years of your current utility costs

Spin Your Power Meter Backwards

Solar gives you access to net-metering. When your solar home produces more energy than it is using, your meter will actually spin backwards building you credited power. This credited power is applied to your energy bill and reduces your monthly electrical costs.

In addition, solar energy also:

  • Increases your property value
  • Qualifies you for a 30% tax credit and state incentives
  • Contributes to the environment and sustainability

Environmental Benefits of Solar Installation in Northern Virginia

Today, solar electricity generation is helping ease our energy infrastructure off fossil fuels that emit harmful pollutants. While solar will not solve all our energy woes, it can provide a clean, affordable alternative without emitting air pollutants that are currently wreaking havoc on our atmosphere. Installing a solar system on your home is a choice to become more sustainable and save money, but furthermore, it is setting an example. Homeowners are redefining the way we create, manage, and distribute energy sustainably. For more information on the environmental policy/contributions of solar, click here.

Example of Environmental Contributions of Solar Energy Systems

An average residential solar array (5kW), over the next 25 years would offset the equivalent of:

339,029 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide
1,088 lbs. of Nitrous Oxide (Smog)
Sulfur Dioxide (Acid Rain)
67 lbs. of Airborne Particulates (Asthma)
Total Miles Driven in an Average Car (22,065 Miles per Year)

That is the same as taking 1.8 cars off the road for 25 years or planting 2.9 acres of trees!

(Using LG 260W/Enphase Micro-Inverters/South Orientation/22 Degree Tilt)