Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

With the summer-like weather we’ve had in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland region lately recently, it may be hard to believe that it’s currently fall…and that winter will be here before we know it. If you are considering solar energy for your home, you may be wondering if now is a good time to finally make the switch with winter on the way or if you should wait for spring.

A common misconception about solar energy is that solar panels will not work during winter because of the change of weather. Although the season definitely is not known for its bright, sunny days, your solar panels will certainly still work in the winter. Some people think that colder weather will prevent your solar panels from working, but remember that solar panels collect light, not heat. A freezing cold winter day does not mean that you’ll suddenly find yourself without power in your home. In fact, solar panels can often work better in cooler temperatures than hotter temperatures.

There are, however, two aspects of winter weather that may affect how your solar panels perform during this season: snow and clouds. As long as you check on your solar panels and do some light maintenance during winter, you will still receive plenty of energy and savings from your panels.



Snow is fun to play in and breathtaking to look at, but many of us know the nuisance snow can be around our homes. You will likely have to shovel your driveway and clean off your car, but you should not have to clean off your solar panels. Too much ice and snow piled up on your solar panels could diminish the amount of energy they generate but a light dusting certainly will not cause your panels to malfunction. The sun should melt off all ice and snow pretty quickly, so you do not need to worry about the arduous task of cleaning your solar panels. You certainly don’t want to risk climbing up to a slippery, icy roof!



Because solar panels collect light from the sun, a very cloudy day could mean your solar panels will generate less energy than on a sunny day. However, they will not stop working altogether. Keep in mind that when you have your solar panels installed on your home, your installer will place them in the best possible position to receive the most sunlight throughout the year, even during winter. Although you can’t do anything about clouds, you can be sure your solar panels are positioned receive as much sunlight as possible in any weather, and your solar panels will not stop working altogether.


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