How Solar Panels Can Save You Money This Winter

Solar energy is sweeping the nation, with the number of solar-powered homes, businesses, farms, and vineyards rapidly increasing each year. Not only is the planet getting just a little bit greener, but solar homeowners are saving money each month on their electric bills. Many homeowners in Northern Virginia who use solar energy for their homes love the extra money in their pockets, especially during the summer when constantly running the AC can get expensive.

Now that summer is over, those of us with gas furnaces and gas water heaters in Northern Virginia are dreading the upcoming cold weather—not just because we’ll miss the warm sunshine but for the impending high gas bill. Like the AC, keeping the heat on all day is great for comfort—but not your wallet. Some homeowners who are considering solar energy might be disappointed to find that solar panels only help reduce the electric bill, not the gas bill, making them even more hesitant to switch to solar.


Before you dismiss solar energy because you think it won’t be helpful to you during winter time, consider this: solar panels can still earn you plenty of electricity savings that will help off-set the impact of your winter gas bill. Your plan for the winter may involve leaving your heat off some days and burying yourself under countless layers to avoid racking up a nasty gas bill, but you don’t need to reduce to such drastic measures with solar power!

Although solar energy will not directly affect your gas bill, everything else in your home that uses electricity (lights, appliances, etc), will still draw their power from solar panels during winter. This of course still brings you electricity savings, and you can use this extra money to pay your higher gas bill. Using solar in your home helps save you from facing two intimidating bills at once and allows you to only focus on one. On top of all this, even though it’s nearly October, Northern Virginia has still experienced some summer-like weather lately. You might still have some days of AC before having to rely on your gas furnace for heat, which means even more savings.  Switching to solar energy now could allow you to soak up the benefits of near-summer weather for just a little longer and put aside more money to pay down that scary gas bill in winter.

Even if you use gas heating in winter, solar energy can still bring you plenty of savings. If you need residential solar panel installation in Northern Virginia, contact Prospect Solar!


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If you’re considering making the switch to solar this winter, trust Prospect Solar to assist you! We can help assess your economic goals and design a solar panel array that will give you the best possible energy output all winter long.

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