Solar Communities

Growing in DC, Virginia, and Maryland

Community Solar, also known as a Solar Garden, is a crowd-funding opportunity for members of a community to invest together and receive solar benefits that may have previously been inaccessible. Each member is a “subscriber,” and can purchase as many (or as few) solar panels as they like.

Community Solar is ideal for individual members who:

  • Rent or lease their property but would like solar
  • Have inadequate space, orientation, or too much shading
  • Cannot budget an entire private system at this time
  • Want to access solar benefits at a wholesale cost
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How Does Community Solar Work?

  1. Members of a community who would like to participate in solar can invest different amounts toward a shared solar electric system on a public facility (in this case, a fire station).
  2. The solar energy savings produced by the installed solar array become revenue for the community solar subscribers.
  3. That revenue is returned to the community solar subscribers proportionate to their investment.

For example, if the fire station spends $200 a month on energy, and the solar array provides half of that energy every month, then the solar energy savings are $100 and would be returned proportionately at $50, $30, and $20. (The fire station benefits from using clean, renewable energy and can even receive rent for the roof space!)

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