How to Evaluate the Quality of a Solar Panel

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular, as the movement toward conserving our natural resources is growing. However, there are many things to consider when deciding which panels are the best for you. As you explore solar panels, it is important to consider solar cell efficiency, solar panel ratings, power tolerance, and temperature coefficient in your searches. Trust the professionals at Prospect Solar to assist you with your solar panel research. At Prospect Solar, we provide excellent solar energy installation in Northern, VA. We will help you determine which type of solar panel is best for you and your budget. 

Below, we have listed the top factors you should be considering while comparing solar panels: 

Solar Panel Ratings

All solar panels receive a nameplate power rating indicating the amount of power they produce under ideal conditions. This is typically in the 200 to 350 watts range; a higher rating means the panels will be more efficient at producing power.  

Power Tolerance

When solar panels are manufactured, some unavoidable variations that impact power output may occur. Power tolerance indicates how the power output of a solar panel might differ from its nameplate rating. A narrower power tolerance range is preferable to a wider one because it represents more certainty, which are expressed by a plus-or-minus percentage. 

Solar Cell Efficiency

Solar panels that are efficient at converting solar radiation and sunlight into electricity will produce more kilowatt-hours of energy per watt of power capacity. One high-efficiency panel can generate more electricity than a standard efficiency one. This will produce more electricity and is especially important if you have limited roof space and large energy bills. The most efficient solar panels commercially available today have solar panel efficiency at just above 22%. 

Temperature Coefficient

High heat can reduce a solar panel’s capacity to generate power. The temperature coefficient determines how a panel’s power capacity decreases at temperatures higher than 77°F. Panels with less sensitive temperature coefficients will perform better over the long term. Check solar panel ratings and reviews carefully for the temperature coefficient, particularly if you live in hotter parts of the country.

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Choosing the right solar panel can be difficult, come to the experts at Prospect Solar to walk you through this process. Our solar energy installation experts can help you determine whether or not installing solar energy is the best option for you. We provide professional and quality solar energy installation while maintaining our dedication to attaining a more sustainable environment. We can assist you with any further questions that you might have about solar energy installation, so get in touch with us!
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