How Can Farms Benefit from Solar Energy?

Solar energy isn’t just for homes or office buildings. Farms, wineries, and breweries can greatly benefit from going solar! Solar power for farms can help decrease energy costs and increase productivity. And, of course, it can also benefit the environment by utilizing natural, renewable energy. Though there are a multitude of benefits for agricultural solar […]

Creating Local Jobs in DC and Solar in Ward 5

One part of being a solar installer that is particularly rewarding is being able to create jobs. As our country continues to claw its way out of the economic downturn, it’s great to be able to offer hard working people a job in a growing industry. When the financial crisis started, the solar industry was […]

How To Get a Solar Job

Sitting in my dormitory room seven years ago, it dawned on me what I wanted to do with my life. Energy. Good energy. Clean energy. Sustainable energy. Fortunately, I was in a degree program (Engineering Science @ The Pennsylvania State University) with coursework and research flexibility that allowed me to pursue my interest in energy. […]