How Can Farms Benefit from Solar Energy?

Solar for Farms, Wineries, and Breweries

Solar energy isn’t just for homes or office buildings. Farms, wineries, and breweries can greatly benefit from going solar! Solar power for farms can help decrease energy costs and increase productivity. And, of course, it can also benefit the environment by utilizing natural, renewable energy.

Though there is a multitude of benefits for agricultural solar panel installation in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland, the cost can often appear daunting for property owners and make them hesitate to make the switch. Fortunately, the United States Department of Agriculture offers a grant to help aid this problem.

The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) can cover up to 25% of your installation costs if you qualify for the grant. REAP was created out of interest to increase solar energy usage on farms. Here’s how your farm, winery, or brewery can benefit from solar energy:

The REAP Grant:

The REAP grant is one of the most enticing incentives for farm, winery, and brewery owners who switch to solar. This program was designed to help small businesses and farms fund their renewable energy systems. Agricultural producers with at least 50% of their gross income brought in by agricultural operations are eligible for this grant.

Farms can be located in rural or non-rural areas to receive this grant. The funds from the grant may be used not only for solar panel installation but any future solar equipment purchases. Between the available grants and loans from REAP, farm owners can receive up to 75% of funding for their solar energy costs.

Benefits of Farm Solar Panel Installation:

Regardless of if your farm is large or small, your property can greatly benefit from solar energy. One of the prime reasons for solar panel installation in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland is the reduction of utility costs.

Solar power both reduces your energy costs and increases your profit since you aren’t spending as much on utilities anymore. You can also reduce costs by claiming 30% of the purchase price as a federal tax credit.

Solar power also offers financial gains in the long term. Energy costs tend to rise over the years and sometimes become unmanageable. However, with solar power, you are essentially locking in your energy costs. You won’t have to worry as much about rising utilities in the coming years with solar power.

If you ever choose to sell your property, you will also have increased property value from solar power. Your solar power equipment will most likely be in excellent shape, as you have the ability to utilize a multitude of equipment options and be satisfied with 25-year warranties for equipment. You can also depreciate the equipment on a 5-year schedule.

Also, solar panel installation in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland gives you the ability to market your property as green and eco-friendly. This can be very attractive to new customers, as the push for supporting more eco-friendly businesses is growing. Green farming can definitely increase your brand visibility and give you new leads, clients, and monetary growth.

Overall, solar power gives ample opportunities to both gain and make money. Solar power installation in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland can help you increase both your financial gains and visibility.

Prospect Solar for Farm Solar Panel Installation

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