What is GRIPv?

Solar power equipment can be difficult to choose from, especially for a first-time solar business owner. There are a variety of solar power options from ground-mounted arrays to rooftop arrays and more, and each option solves a different need. GRIPv systems are one of the most innovative solar power options currently available on the market. GRIPv stands for “green roof integrated photovoltaics.” This type of solar-powered roofing combines the benefits of both solar and green (or vegetative) roofing. This type of Virginia, DC and Maryland solar panel installation is possible because of Prospect Solar’s partnership with sister company, Prospect Waterproofing. This innovative partnership gives clients access to both solar and green power to best fit their needs.

Green roofs are typically installed on an Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA). Once Virginia, DC and Maryland solar panel installation experts install the IRMA, there are three types of green roofs to choose from:

  • Extensive: This is the most common kind of GRIPv system. Many users enjoy the low-maintenance approach of this system. It uses 3-6” of growing medium.
  • Semi-intensive: This type of Virginia, DC, and Maryland solar panel installation is ideal for areas with large amounts of human interaction or foot-traffic, such as flat common areas. This system uses 6-12” of growing medium.
  • Intensive: This is the most in-depth system offered. This system uses anywhere from 6-36” of growing medium. These roofs require more maintenance than the extensive or semi-intensive systems.


Benefits of GRIPv

GRIPv provides business owners with an array environmental, financial, and aesthetic benefits. Vegetative roofs reduce HVAC bills. These roofs can avoid storm water runoff and retain 50-90% of rainfall to ensure a dry, safe office or business. They are excellent pollution reducers and re-oxygenate the air. The water filtration needed for green roofs allows for pollutants to be filtered. These roofs can reduce the noise levels by as much as 40%. They can prolong the life of your roof, as the vegetation moderates various temperature swings throughout the year. Lastly, GRIPv systems can increase solar production up to 16%, to provide you with ample amounts of clean, renewable, sustainable energy.

Garden roofs help reduce the amount of stormwater runoff that ends up in streams, lakes, and other bodies of water. When rain water falls onto pavement like streets and sidewalks, it carries with it any pollutants or chemicals found on the pavement and transfers it to bodies of water, harming ecosystems. GRIPv systems can capture and absorb much of that water before it hits the pavement of a commercial property like a store or office park, helping reduce stormwater runoff.

GRIPv roofs can also give business owners appealing financial benefits, especially in Washington DC. The RiverSmart Rewards program in DC provides a discount for property owners who install GRIPv or stormwater management systems on their property. The Anacostia Watershed Society also offers a significant rebate of $10 to $15 per square foot of a green roof system. Aside from these great incentives, GRIPv systems are also becoming increasingly affordable and provide a higher ROI.

Aesthetically, vegetative roofs can enjoy longer growing seasons from the warmth of solar panels. This means your chosen vegetation will be alive and green longer than other plants around your business may be. The vegetation on GRIPv can add a natural look to any commercial building. In cities, vegetation is more limited than it is in more suburban areas. This type of Northern VA, DC and Maryland solar panel installation is prime for both environmental and aesthetic benefits.


Trust Prospect Solar with Your GRIPv Installation!

Prospect Solar is adept at GRIPv installation. We regard this kind of solar panel installation in Virginia, DC and Maryland as both innovative and environmentally-friendly. We take pride in walking our clients through every step of the way to answer all questions and concerns about solar energy. Prospect Solar is proud to install GRIPv systems in partnership with our sister company, Prospect Waterproofing.

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