“I was not home the past two days while the work was being done on our house, but I got home tonight while it was still light (your workers had just left) and had a chance to look around.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the work!

First, the panels look great on the roof; in fact, they are not readily apparent unless you look for them.  When you do see them, very cool looking. The electrical panels and the work on the side of the house likewise look great, very neat installation and out of sight like we wanted.  Finally, the electrical work at the basement electrical panel was also very neat and professional looking.” Customers in Fairfax, VA 

Solar Energy Installation Vienna VA

“I am a law professor specializing in the law pertaining to renewable energy, so I am well aware of what’s involved in going solar. Fortunately, Prospect Solar made everything easy. From the initial consultation and detailed description of the system that would fit our roof in Alexandria, to handling paperwork requirements and finally to the installation itself, everything was professionally, promptly, and courteously handled. We are delighted with our system, which is now almost three years old and performing flawlessly and delivering reliable sun power within 3% of the amount that Prospect projected. In fact, I use my own experience as the basis of a case study to show law students how solar installations and service can be done right. I’ve recommended three homeowners to Prospect and will gladly continue to do so.” Joel Eisen, Alexandria, VA

“The opportunity to participate in a solarize program made it easier to go forward with our commitment to use alternative energy. Prospect Solar was assigned to design and install our system. We met with them and discussed in detail our energy needs and the required solar system. They did an analysis of our site for solar production and solar obstructions and clearly explained all the phases necessary to bring the installation to completion.

Following that they submitted a proposal which we accepted and they began the process of obtaining all the required permits and scheduling all the necessary steps to install the system. The installation went smoothly and each step was on schedule. The actual installation went very quickly. The crew was meticulous about clean up.

The city inspector, who was picky about quality work, was impressed by the electrical and mechanical installation and approved it without requiring any changes. Prospect Solar visited us a few weeks after the job was complete to review any outstanding issues and ensure our complete satisfaction. Our system has now been in operation for about 4 months. Its actual monthly production has been a little higher than the original estimate. It runs transparently – we don’t even notice it. The SunPower monitoring app allows us to see our actual production in real time – that’s the easiest and quickest way to know that it is working. We are very pleased with our system and with Prospect Solar’s performance.” Marsha Bottegal, Fairfax, VA

“In the two years since Prospect Solar installed our system we couldn’t be more happy. Our annual solar generation has been spot on with the solar generation estimates they provided. Prospect helped us with all the required tax forms and really went out of their way to ensure our solar system was installed before the end of the tax year to ensure we could claim the tax credit. Their installation team was very professional and did excellent work. Plus they took care of all the paperwork with Dominion Power and its really refreshing to receive the minimum $7 and change power bill every month. We would hire Prospect Solar again. ” Ken Haglan, Sterling, VA

“From Day 1, the experience was positive and smooth. Nick Messer, the project manager was very patient, courteous an professional in answering all my questions and in giving sound recommendations based on his survey of the onsite feasibility study. He worked with me on different scenarios for placing the panels. He understood my desire to delay the installation a full 6-months to take advantage of the immediate tax break I could take advantage of. The installation was done quickly and professionally by his crew. Even 6 months later, when I have had questions about my solar production and electric bills, he’s been prompt in giving me a response to my satisfaction. I have been a proud owner of the solar panels for 9 months and I have been a satisfied Prospect Solar customer. I have recommended friends that if they have questions about installing solar panels on their roofs, Prospect Solar is the one they should talk to.” Bikash Thapliya, Falls Church, VA

“Working with Prospect Solar was a great experience from start to finish. Clear communication; fast, professional workmanship; good value for money. I recommend Prospect Solar for any homeowner searching for a reliable solar contractor/installer.” Derek Reinhard, Fairfax, VA