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Over the years we have installed nearly every product “under the sun”

Solar equipment has been reliable from the beginning…and it continues to get better and more affordable.

The first practical cells produced by Bell Laboratories in 1954 are still capable of producing energy today. The Bell Cells were about 6% efficient. Now SunPower continues to break its own records with Maxeon cell technology capable of greater than 24% efficiency as of 2016.

When many of us at Prospect Solar started careers in solar a popular panel was the Sun-tech 190 Watt. Panels today are nearing 500 Watts in commercial applications. Since solar is now competitive with traditional sources of energy Incentives such as the Federal Income Tax Credit are stepping down in value – let Prospect guide your solar design today and Cash in on the early adopter benefits while they’re still here.

We understand all the solar technology available today is enough to make your head spin. No worries, we keep track of all the advances in the technology for you and recommend the right sized most reliable solution for your buck.

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