What is the Process for Solar Panel Installation on My Northern VA Home?

Now that you are interested in solar and your roof is ideal, let me walk you through our process of making this change an easy operation.

Our sales team will use a variety of websites, such as Google Earth, to generate aerial images of your roof. We use these sites to get an idea of the array size we can install on your roof. We will create a layout for you to get a better understanding of what is possible.

As the same time our sales team will ask you, the client, to provide us with a copy of your utility bill. We use your bill to understand your kilowatt usage over the course of the year, and to figure out how much of your utility bill we can offset.

Consultation for Your Northern VA Solar Panel Installation

If solar panels are a good fit for your home, we will schedule a site visit to come out and measure your roof, check out your electrical components and take site photos. We take advantage of this step to have a face to face meeting with you, show you our commitment, and answer any questions so you have your peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Our engineers will take all the field notes and information to accurately draw the plans for your own personal solar array. We will generate a site plan, plan view, roof structure, elevations, details, three-line diagram and string diagram. We then run the plan view and elevations by you, the homeowner, to ensure the aesthetics meet your expectations. Once you are satisfied with our layout, we will submit the drawing to the county for approval and apply for all necessary permits. In addition, we’ll take care of all the interconnection paperwork required by your utility.

We’ll have your system built by our certified crew. One of the benefits of working with Prospect Solar is that we have roofing knowledge from our sister company Prospect Waterproofing. Your system will be safely built with no damage done to your roof.

Now you can sit back and watch as your utility bill drops while using a clean energy source with your new Solar Energy System by Prospect Solar of Northern VA.


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