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Green roof integrated photovoltaics (GRIPv) is a system that combines the benefits of solar and green (or vegetative) roofing. Prospect Solar has the unique ability to operate as a solar and green roof installer through partnership with our sister company, Prospect Waterproofing. A green roof integrated photovoltaic system allows for a relaxing and therapeutic roof space that provides environmental benefits in addition to what solar contributes.

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Advantages of Green Roofs and Solar

  • Reduced building heat envelopes mitigating Urban “Heat Island” Effect
  • Green roofs reduce HVAC billsand allow for solar to increase energy offset
  • Vegetative roofs can retain 50-90% of rainfall, avoiding storm water runoff
  • Reduces the amount of impervious surfaces in a city
  • As natural biofiltration devices, green roofs remove airborne toxins and re-oxygenate air; water retention allows for filtration of pollutants
  • Green roofs can reduce the noise levelsof a facility by as much as 40%
  • Extended roof lifecan be possible due to moderation of temperature swings
  • Warmth from solar panels provides vegetation a longer growing season
  • GRIPV systems can increase solar productionby as much as 16%
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Green Roof Construction

Green roofs are typically installed on an Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA) roofing system. Sometimes referred to as a Protected Roofing Membrane Assembly, this system places the waterproof membrane directly onto the roof substrate (decking), and then uses a protective foam layer above it to prevent puncture of the waterproofing layer. From here, one of three types of green roof systems is installed:

  • Extensive – The most prevalent green roof system utilizing 3-6″ of growing medium. This low-maintenance approach can even be installed on sloping roofs, and is ideal for growing hardy drought, wind, and frost-resistant plants such as sedums, herbs, and grasses.
  • Semi-Intensive – Also referred to as shallow-intensive, this system creates roof top lawns and common areas that are ideal for foot-traffic and human interaction. Planted in 6-12″ of growing medium, these rooftop greenways provide a firm construction that handles continual pedestrian interaction.
  • Intensive – Intensive green roof systems are the most in-depth vegetative roof system. Sometimes referred to as “urban agriculture,” these systems incorporate 6-36″ of growing medium that can accommodate sod grass, perennial and annual flowers, shrubs, and even small trees. Intensive green roofs require built-in irrigation and additional upkeep. However, the result is a flourishing green rooftop environment full of varied plant species.

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