Benefits of Wineries Going Solar

As a beverage, there are many people who enjoy drinking and collecting different types and brands of wine. Not only has it been shown to prevent cancer, strokes, and heart disease, but wine production has also become one of the largest industries in the world. When it comes to how wine is made, the best quality is most desirable. 

As the sun plays an intricate part in how the flavor of grapes develops, solar energy has been shown to help wineries grow by saving them money in the long-run and helping them to stand out from their competitors. Nowadays sustainable wine-growing appeals not only to eco-conscious consumers but to every wine taster, as it shows how much a particular company is socially and ethically aware. 

If you want to learn more or would like help getting a quality winery solar panel installation in Falls Church, VA, consider working with our team at Prospect Solar. We can lead you through the installation process and answer all of your questions. Below, we will discuss some of the benefits for wineries that go solar. 

Saving Money

Getting solar panels for your winery can help save you more money in the long run. By adding solar panels you can get up to 30% back in Federal Investment Tax Credit and almost a 20% return on investments. While it seems like you’re paying a lot up front, in the long-run you will save more money. 

Protecting The Environment  

When it comes to protecting the environment, nothing is better than using solar power to run your energy. Solar energy systems actually bring in customers because they are more likely to invest in companies that practice ethical and sustainable production methods. They can enjoy your wine better. knowing that your company provides them a delicious wine that is also eco-friendly. 

REAP Program 

The REAP program is the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program. This program is meant for farms, vineyards, and rural businesses to receive grants in order to obtain more energy resources. REAP provides benefits when you switch to solar power, such as allowing to claim 30% of any purchase price as a federal tax credit, depreciate your equipment on a 5 year schedule, get a 25 year warranty, and help you take advantage of marketing and increasing your visibility. 

Prospect Solar: Professional Winery Solar Panel installation in Falls Church, VA 

As you read above, you can understand why solar power is becoming increasingly popular with business owners. It not only helps them save money but gives them an edge above their competitors, and shows customers that they are considerate of the environment that provides them with quality wine. Meet with our excellent solar panel installation experts in Falls Church, VA, and we’ll help you determine if a solar panel installation is right for your business. Contact us at (703) 444-2447 to see if a solar panel system is right for you.

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