6 Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy

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Whenever almost any new science or technology gains traction in our modern society, a fair share of misinformation and myths tend to spread and make skeptics of many of us. Solar energy is no exception, and there are several commonly-held misconceptions that prevent many people from making the switch and installing solar panels on their homes.

Solar energy is a cleaner alternative energy source that uses the sun to power homes and businesses. Solar panels have popped up across the country as more and more people seek to become more energy-efficient, but there are still several others who believe in false knowledge and still use fossil fuels.

Switching to solar energy in Northern Virginia has countless environmental and economic benefits, and at Prospect Solar, we understand the importance of squishing the myths and properly educating others about solar. Here are 6 common solar energy misconceptions alongside their actual truths:

Solar panels won’t work in cloudy weather

It is true that solar panels work very best with regular sunshine, but a cloudy day won’t significantly reduce the amount of energy your solar panels generate! Solar panels work by collecting visible light, and clouds still reflect visible light given off by the sun, so your solar panels will still work even on cloudy days. Just because the sun is hidden behind clouds doesn’t mean your home will suddenly lose power.

Solar panels need warm climates

Some may believe that a solar panel not only collects light from the sun but warmth as well, and may fear that their home is not compatible with solar if they live in a colder climate. On the contrary, solar panels actually work best in cold environments.

The job of a solar panel is to collect light from the sun, not heat, so living in a warmer climate does not mean a solar panel will work better. As long as the area still receives a lot of sunlight throughout the year, cold weather actually increases solar panels’ conductivity, which allows more electricity to be generated.

Solar panels will harm my roof and my home

People who are hesitant to install solar panels on their roofs may fear all the work that must be done to accommodate them. They might imagine that their roof will be uprooted to accommodate the panels and the surrounding structure will be damaged in the process. Solar panel design and installation have improved over the years, and many panels are designed in a way that is easy to install and actually protect your roof instead of damaging it.

Solar panels won’t give me ROI quickly enough

Switching to solar energy is a big investment for anyone, and some people may worry that the initial cost of purchasing panels will outweigh their financial benefits down the road. Solar panels can actually give homeowners return on investment fairly quickly alongside their other economic benefits.

Your solar panels should pay for themselves within 25 years after installation, possibly much sooner depending on your state’s economic incentives and the size of your solar panel array.

Solar panels need constant maintenance

Because the goal of solar panels is to greatly increase your home’s efficiency for years to come, panels are designed to be durable to avoid the pain of constant maintenance and repair. It can’t hurt to have them inspected on an annual basis, but properly installed solar panels should only need minimal maintenance.

Solar panels are an eyesore

Having a more energy-efficient home is nice, but some homeowners may be worried that having bulky, unattractive solar panels on their roof will ruin their home’s curb appeal. Although how good a house looks with solar panels looks is really up to the individual homeowner to decide, solar panels are now being designed with aesthetics in mind.

Many modern panels are sleek and thin, and can almost appear seamless with the surrounding roof, to give homeowners as nice of an appearance as possible.

Residential Solar Power Installation in Northern Virginia and Beyond

At Prospect Solar, we are dedicated to making the planet greener and spreading awareness about solar energy. We have proudly installed solar panels in the Northern Virginia region since 2010, and we strive to see the number of solar-powered homes and businesses continue to increase in the coming years.

Prospect Solar can help you learn about the benefits of installing solar panels for your home and help you pick the right solar panel array and design for you. We have a passion for what we do, and we are dedicated to creating a better tomorrow.

To learn more about the facts of solar energy, contact us today at (704) 444-2447 or visit our Solar 101 page.

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