Leesburg is one of the most sought after places to be in the DC metro area, having quick access to DC and all of the rich history associated with the area.  The location of Leesburg makes it the perfect place for small businesses looking for an active and growing community to startup.  Image for a small growing business is everything in this over populated market and being an environmentally conscious business goes a long way.  Solar power has been around for decades and is a proven method for helping the environment.  Not to mention there are financial benefits to go along with helping save the world.  Learn more about switching to solar power in Leesburg. 


Right on the other side of the river and to the north, is the vast and beautiful Maryland.  Maryland is home to communities that lookout for one another and take care of their own.  Communities like these look to invest in the future and to offer more to the next generation.  An innovative concept that is now expanding and taking hold in communities just like these, is the idea of solar communities.  Sometimes factors like space or budget hinder individuals from investing in solar energy, but if groups come together these obstacles can be easily overcome.  With a solar community, members can invest whatever they like and see returns proportionate to their investment.  Its easier to set up than one would think, and finding like minded individuals who would like to invest is really easy.  Learn more about switching to solar power in Maryland.


Loudoun is a huge portion of Virginia and is home to hundreds of thousands of residents.  With all these residents Loudon has built up a community like no other, with flourishing businesses and housing communities.  A community like Loudoun is a place everyone wants to be a part of.  To increase interest even more and to add value to the community residents of Loudoun are already investing in solar panels.  The benefits greatly out way the costs and are available to anyone looking to take the plunge into solar power.  All it takes is one call to start investing in your future and the planets future.  Learn more about switching to solar power in Loudoun. 

Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is a place like no other, known for having a culture that stands out. Covering a huge portion of land Northern Virginia is the perfect place for families that are too big for Washington DC to settle down.  Northern Virginia offers all of its residents the amenities of DC, but the perk of having more space to move around in.  All of the space gives families and businesses the perfect opportunity to invest in their future and the worlds future.  Solar energy is an investment that eventually pays for itself and then continues to keep on giving.  With perks like government incentives, decreased energy bills, increased property value, and decreased environmental impact the choice to invest in solar panels today seems to make itself.  With our 25 years of experience Prospect Solar can offer the best solar panel installation services in Virginia.  Learn more about switching to solar power in Northern Virginia.


Purcellville is the perfect community for families of all ages and sizes.  Purcellville is the home to many businesses including lots of farms and vineyards.  Alternative energy might not seem like something available to Purcellville residents, but solar energy is ideal for a community like Purcellville and has many benefits.  Families can invest in their properties future now and start seeing savings in their energy bills immediately. Vineyards can invest in some social corporate responsibility and add to their businesses reputation. The benefits of solar power are just as limitless as the suns energy itself.  Learn more about switching to solar power in Purcellville. 

Washington DC

Washington DC is the city with everything, from amazing sights to specular and unique people.   As the nations capital, Washington DC is a very progressive community that sets the example for the rest of the country.  Here at Prospect Solar we are dedicated to ensuring that happens with safe and renewable solar energy.  Our focus is to substantially improve or clients financial and environmental impact with every solar array we install.  That is Prospect Solar’s bottom line.  Learn more about switching to solar power in Washington DC.


There isn’t a town as peaceful and relaxing as Middleburg in the rest of Virginia.  With its quaint community, home to many farms and vineyards Middleburg has a lot to offer.  Farmers in the area have already taken notice and have invested in solar power.  With solar powers reduced energy costs and tax benefits from the federal government its no surprise farmers and families are investing in solar panels for their properties.  Learn more about switching to solar power in Middleburg.